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Risky woodcock

DO you leave the guts in place when cooking your woodcock? The entrails intact and completely un-eviscerated to be grammatically correct. There is a well known tradition of cooking woodcock with the entrails in place, roasted whole and served up on some toast or bread to soak up the juices.

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Are driven shoots nearing the end of the road?

THIS 2013/14 shooting season has been the most exciting to date and started even before I went on my first shoot. The jungle drums have been throbbing with rumour and speculation rife. I am sure many will have already guessed it is linked to the recent changes by HM Revenue

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Who makes the rules for working tests?

SEVERAL people have recently told me about some strange and rather disturbing incidents concerning the judging of working tests. For example a handler who put one foot forward to take the retrieve from his dog was told he would have to be docked points for ‘stepping forward’. My surprised friend

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Overcoming stopping to the whistle issues

WELL it has certainly been a long and trying month. At the rate ‘Fergie’ and I are going, we are more likely to be on trial for messing about than actually entering one. In ‘Fergie’s’ defence I seem to be doing nothing but confuse him. As the month progressed I

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Winning the shooting lottery!

THERE are many lotteries. That old rogue Cecil Rhodes is quoted to have said: “Remember that you are an Englishman, and consequently have won first prize in the lottery of life.” I am sure Scotsmen, Irishmen, Welshmen and all those from foreign climes would have something to say about that!

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A bridge too far

ON the morning of the last Saturday in January my friends and family gathered for our traditional bacon sandwiches and coffee in the shoot lodge in anticipation of a relaxed day’s shooting. After snow and below-freezing temperatures for a good part of the previous week, the promised thaw had set

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Memories of a gamekeeper’s daughter

BACK in the mid-1980s I visited my great aunt, Alice Haines, at her comfortable maisonette at Bromley Common on the outskirts of London. The visit was in order to make a series of tape recordings about her life as a gamekeeper’s daughter during the first three decades of the 20th-Century.

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Roll out the barrels – so long as they are green

THE severe winter weather took its toll on my feeders with several of them proving unable to resist the ingress of storm driven rain. I admit to moments of despair when so often during the season I checked a line of feeders in the pouring rain and found that the

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Useless gundogs – don’t you just love them?

ON the second to last day of the shooting season I had the honour of shooting with my friend the Ulsterman. I used to think all Ulstermen were crazy, but now I know they are, and they sure know how to have a good time. My unnamed friend has done

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Catching up for rearing

MOST modern shoots in present times tend to buy their pheasants and partridges in as poults from game farms which they have, from experience, selected and bought from in previous years. They are usually bought at seven or eight-weeks-old and released through some kind of release pens to slowly trickle

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