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General Articles

Written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, The Countryman’s Weekly is always looking to include new content and we want you, our readers, to share your experiences with us.

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Below are some of the articles that have appeared in past issues.

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Bohemian fly fishing

DURING the failing moments of the autumn season, some friends and I enjoyed an astonishing week in the beautiful Sumava region of South West Bohemia in the Czech Republic. This was our first visit to the rivers of the area and, sandwiched between fishing trips to France and the legendary

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Winter weekends are for woodies

By Ian Barnett THE autumn clock change brings both misery and joy for the working hunter. If you don’t work outdoors and are cooped up in a factory, office or shop it comes hard when you arrive at work in the dark and leave for home in the dark. If

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The real hunting season is upon us

EARLY November and the real hunting season is upon us. Autumn hunting was difficult for most packs here – too dry (nearly a first!) and far too warm – but useful mornings were put in around the country. My first opening meet was with the Ormond on my own mare.

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Increase your success with fieldcraft

FIELDCRAFT is a subject that is touched upon in many articles including my own. A sound basic knowledge of fieldcraft increases our chances of success tenfold. Fieldcraft is knowing your quarry and its habits, as well as the area you shoot and why and when your quarry is likely to

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Falcons and other predators

HAVING enjoyed a recent weekend of hawking in Belgium I decided to tack a day in Holland onto the end of the trip and go visit my old friend, Dutch falconer Adriaan Koster. I have been fortunate in knowing Adriaan for a great many years and have hawked with him

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Not quite the Wiltshire McNab

THE weather has been truly shocking for early June with wind and rain constant for a week or so. I hate going out with the rifle in those kinds of conditions. At last there was a decent day with sunshine and it seemed that all of nature was out and

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Quarry in the Scottish Highlands – Pheasant shoots

IN my shooting life there have been a number of highlights with most of them in the Scottish Highlands. For a long period it was dominated by red deerstalking in the North West covering around 15,000 acres near the coast. I occasionally had two ‘winter hinds’ to cull on the

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The cold is here and all is quiet

THERE is nothing like a solid spell of sub-zero weather to sort out the British countryside and put the natural status back in order. Throw in an Arctic blast on top of the flooded water table we’ve had recently and not only is there the recipe for chaos but also

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When the trees came tumbling down

FRIDAY, June 22, 2012, will go down in local meteorological history as a day when Lancashire had one month’s rainfall in 24 hours with rivers overflowing their banks and flooding houses, cottages and businesses in several towns and villages. The following day, towns and villages further north endured this torrential

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Get ready for the spring drillings!

AUTUMN of last year offered very little opportunity for cereal crops to be drilled, constant rain and waterlogged ground resulting in impossible conditions for drilling crops. This year will see countless spring drilled fields which will provide the pigeon shooter the chance of some fantastic shooting whilst keeping birds off

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