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Working Dog and Ferret

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Working Dog

Always keep an eye on your terriers

A RECENT conversation with Eddie Pool, lifelong supporter of the famed Ullswater Foxhounds, led me to reflect back on the times my terriers have got themselves into difficulties. This was a valuable reminder that I need to always keep a close eye on them whenever we are out either hunting,

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Out for a bit of sport

THE first week of frost saw the temperature drop to minus five during the night. The fields were rock hard, so there was no chance for ‘Molly’ the lurcher to get out for a bit of sport. She’d have to make do with her daily walks until the ground thawed

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Ferreting genes

THE last couple of years have been a little bit of a whirlwind. The household has risen from six children to eight and with a change of job there has been no time to literally turn around! After several years of holding down a full-time job and running a smallholding

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Memories of ferreting dry-stone walls

DRY-stone walls are not only functional for enclosing farmers’ livestock or, indeed, keeping livestock out of protected and sensitive areas, but they are also useful hunting grounds for the keen ferreting enthusiast. Dry-stone walls are also a beautiful feature of our countryside which differ considerably from county to county. Yorkshire

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Pack’s newest member is a champion all round

EARLY in 2011 I lost one of my lurchers. This left me in the position to select a pup to take over the work from my one remaining lurcher, who’s getting on a bit now. Having always had lurchers while I lived in Ireland, a recent move to England and

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Jill jab vs vasectomised hob

IT’S that time of year again, and as the days get longer jill ferrets will be coming into season. Many Countryman’s Weekly readers will have heard the old countrymen’s tales that state that a jill ferret must have a litter every time she is in season or she will die. 

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A first night’s lamping for the pup

A COLD wind blew all day and the weather forecast predicted heavy cloud cover that night, so I decided to give the pup some experience on the lamp. ‘Bess’ had been out once already with my bitch ‘Daisy,’ had got a few rabbits with her and was beginning to watch

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Even working dogs can need their claws clipping

THERE is a belief amongst some people that working dogs don’t need their claws clipping, as work alone will keep nails short and in trim. This might be true of some dog: certain terriers, for example, which spend a fair amount of time digging to reach their quarry, whether that

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Drains were magnets for foxes

FEBRUARY and it was one of those unseasonably hot mornings that we seem to get more and more of these days. Clouds of midges floated in the air and the woods echoed with a chorus of songbirds, lured by this false spring. Sure, within a week the mercury would be

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Terriers and their foibles

I’LL be the first to admit that I don’t really train my terriers as such. Once they have a basic recall and can walk on the lead without trying to throttle themselves, I pretty much let them learn to do what comes naturally, which is, of course, hunt. Some people

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