The Countryman's Weekly


May 24
07:08 2023

A wild weekend – Camping and stalking among 5,000 acres of private land

By Matt Dutton.

THERE aren’t many places in the UK that can be referred to as ‘really wild’, but we do have a couple that may still just cling on and make that phrase true. I was lucky to be asked to control the deer in one such area. I’ve written about it before and every time I go there, I come back feeling like I’ve played a rugby game.

The ground is rugged, wild, wet and far from any civilisation… In short, it’s perfect. It’s big, private and there are a few red deer there. Unfortunately for them, a few is a few too many.

They’re difficult to find due to the landscape and the fact that the deer numbers are relatively low. Each time we look for them, we spend an hour or so walking to spots where we’ve seen deer in the past and, even then, they have over 5,000 acres to hide in.


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