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Rifle Review

Rifle Review
February 01
07:02 2023

Fierce Firearms have the Edge over American rifles

By Mike Powell.

OVER the years I have reviewed and fired quite a lot of American-made rifles, with some of them better than others. While they are absolutely fit for purpose, to me, they don’t have the same finesse that the bulk of European-made rifles have.

I suspect this is due to the fact that American weaponry was (going back to the days of the Wild West) built on a far more practical basis, almost as a tool which not only had to do what it was designed for, but also had to put up with a lot of abuse while receiving precious little maintenance.

In the same period European guns were being made for wealthy or relatively affluent people who used them for sporting purposes and could afford embellishments such as engraving and high-quality woodwork. As such, some became almost works of art. Over the past few years though, America has certainly raised its game and now produces some really nice rifles undoubtedly showing some European influence.


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