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Dog Insurance

Dog Insurance
February 20
08:02 2019

Do you know exactly what you are covered for?

By Phillip Lucas.

IN June, 2018, my puppy was collected and came with a few ‘goodies’ as you would expect from a reputable breeder. In the mountain of paperwork there was a Kennel Club folder with, among other items, an insurance policy. Surfing through the policy over a coffee it made me question – do I use that policy or my current one for all my dogs or, as I’ve read on social media, it’s all “a rip off” and save the money?

I did a lot of research and it is a massive industry. You can get insurance for as little as £2 a month but you are not covered for a lot. My digging got deeper and most of the common insurance companies were quoting around £30-£50 a month and you got around £4,000 of vets cover per year.

That is the important part, it’s ‘per year’. It’s like having a pot of money so if you have a claim of £3,500 you only have £500 left until your policy renewal.

I was thinking how far £4,000 would go in vets fees today, especially in working dogs, and it’s not far I can assure you. I ended up finding a policy with Pet Emporium which was cheaper than the £30 monthly fee and it gave me £8,000 and it was per injury/incident not per year for the life of the dog.



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