The Countryman's Weekly


July 18
08:02 2018

A match made in heaven

By Martin Guy.

IT’S no secret I am a big fan of the Browning X-bolt and my favourite deer rifle is an X-bolt in 6.5×55 calibre. The 6.5×55 has been around for over 120 years and the fact it is still around and gaining in popularity in sporting rifles says a lot about its capability.

I love its versatility in providing me with one rifle capable of everything. I predominantly shoot small deer (Chinese water deer and muntjac) with an occasional roe and fallow, so my standard load is a 100-grain hollow point, which is flat, fast and devastating!

I have recently tested some Sako ammunition, a little heavier than my normal load but these 156-grain deer points are superb, shooting ragged one hole groups at 100 yards, which is more than adequate for any deerstalker in the UK. The Swedes shoot moose with the 6.5 using loads a little heavier than my standard and much closer to my latest 156-grain acquisitions.

I have also read of professional hunters using it for soft-skinned plains game in Africa with a more moderate 140-grain load. Whichever way you look at it, the Swede’s 6.5 versatility is recognised by people around the globe including professionals for whom a rifle is their daily work tool.




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