The Countryman's Weekly


February 01
07:06 2023

Hob or jill? Which is the perfect working ferret?

By John Glover.

IT’S a dilemma as old as the hills, a subject much spoken of and written about, and here we are again as ferreting takes its grip popularity-wise, for never has the practice been more popular than it is in modern times.

What is the perfect working ferret: a hob? A jill? Or maybe both? Let us delve deeper and unravel the complexities of the ideal all-round working ferret.

The quarry

First off, to many the staple quarry is of course the humble rabbit, but that’s not always been the case by a long chalk.

A dinosaur perhaps in modern ferreting circles, but many moons ago generally ferrets were the mainstay of the rat catcher and many ratting ferreters abounded all over the UK. Today, that has been largely replaced by the modern rat hunter complete with two-stroke smokers and permission on reclamation plants and no one can deny the effectiveness of this type of pest control, that’s for sure!


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