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Pigeon Shooting

Pigeon Shooting
July 18
08:06 2018

Enjoy your sport on a budget with a DIY kit

By Matthew Dutton.

WITH ground getting harder to find those who have it are now starting to charge for the privilege of shooting there. As we all know “money talks,” and there’s a scary thought that buying shooting rights may eventually be the only way to obtain some shooting ground and hold onto it. If your wallet can stretch to that then great, but what if it can’t?

Then comes all of the kit you need. For the newcomer who may have just paid for a day’s pigeon shooting or the shooting rights on some ground, to then be faced with the need for potentially hundreds of pounds worth of gear, it can be a bit of a stretch, particularly all at once.

I started serious pigeon shooting when I left school. As I didn’t have a job and pocket money didn’t stretch far, I used to beg or borrow any kit I needed. I eventually gathered a basic kit of my own made up of old donations or cheap second-hand stuff I’d managed to save up for.

I spent the next few years developing and modifying what I had, trying to make it work better and ultimately pull in more pigeons. Let’s look at what you ‘really’ need to start.




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