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Tracking Foxes

Tracking Foxes
July 18
08:10 2018

Finding foxes for control purposes

By The Hobbler.

DEALING with a fox problem is all well and good if you are able to locate the fox or know its habits. It’s all too easy for those of us who pursue foxes to assume everyone knows how to find them, which isn’t always the case!

We all have to start somewhere and to the novice learning the difference between a fox run or a deer track, and even a rabbit run, can often be a less than easy task. So I’ve taken a few steps back in this article to look at some telltale signs that could help with catching a fox in one way or another.

When I started out gamekeeping I was told there were many ways to catch a fox and was gradually shown how to do so until I was considered proficient enough to ensure I knew how to get my quarry correctly. By correctly I mean legally and also proficiently to get a quick kill.

Over the years I’ve caught foxes by pretty much every legal manner going, including with lurchers prior to the hunting ban. It’s all well and good going out after ‘random’ foxes via conducting fox drives or by lamping but from time to time you will need to deal with a problematic fox. It’s the tracking and catching of this sort of animal that I thought I would touch on.




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