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April 24
08:10 2019

Terriers, Teckels and teamwork

By Keith Edmunds.

IN a recent article I commented that the Dachshund initially struggled to find a foothold as a British sporting dog as the roles it fulfilled elsewhere in the world were already adequately taken by our established breeds. In this article I will share the viewpoints (in their own words) from two very well-respected hunters who use both Dachshunds and terriers and feel the two types can complement one another.

Enno Nimrod – Germany


“I wanted a dog beside my Dachshund bitch ‘Cleo’ (‘Carambolage vom alten Friedrich’) to close some working gaps, for example, working haystacks where extra leg length is an advantage. I took a chance to get my hands on one of the pups of the litter from my friend (and digging mentor) Paul Rößler.

“His kennel name is ‘Ratnappers Winnetou’ but I named the pup ‘Paul’. For me the Jack Russell Terrier (JRT)/Parson Russell Terrier (PRT) is a really good, hard, but not stupid, working dog. Smart enough to take his chances without taking too much injury. A dog which I can put in every earth without having to be afraid of badgers or a longer dig.

“‘Paul’s’ dam, ‘Hanni from Leizigerhof’, was one of the first dogs I dug to and saw working – for me the perfect JRT/PRT working style – hard but not stupid. I also saw the male, ‘Foxwarren Henry’, a few times working – a really tough dog which takes no prisoners.




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