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Corvid Shooting

Corvid Shooting
October 16
08:10 2019

Crows take the bait and fly into ambush

By Andy McLachlan.

I ENJOY shooting at all times of the year, in particular during autumn and spring. The only problem with autumn is reduced daylight hours provide us with less of an opportunity to shoot in the evenings.

These days most of the people I know who carry out pest control activities, including myself, can use the vast array of night vision equipment which is now at our disposal, and very effective it is too.

However, and I might be considered old-fashioned with this outlook, I prefer to use good daylight to illuminate my quarry with early mornings remaining a prime time for rabbit shooting on my shooting permissions.

What makes spring the best time of year for me are the signs of new life which we can find all around us in our wonderful countryside. From the vibrant colours of the daffodil and the sound of songbirds busily making new families, spring is most definitely my favourite time of year as the days lengthen and promise those of us who appreciate being out and about so much.




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