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December 04
08:10 2019

Positive use of social media promotes work of rat pack

By Ed Cook.

ONLINE platforms and social media have enhanced the way in which fieldsports are shared across a large audience instantaneously. We ensure footage shared from Suffolk and Norfolk Rat Pack’s social media positively promotes the working of dogs, especially the lesser-known breeds we’ve become known for championing, the Norfolk types; the satisfaction of humans understanding how dogs work; giving people the experience of ratting and, most importantly, keeping as many rodenticides on the shelf rather than in the ecosystems.

During the past few years we’ve experienced an increase in requests to help with rodent issues. Our system is simple: once we receive a request, we send an experienced member of the pack to assess the situation who can offer advice to keep the rats at bay or arrange a date for us to visit and get a team together.

Summertime get-together

In August we were recommended by a couple of people in a ratting group post after a request from Essex for help on a game farm which was overrun by rats and needed some good dogs in to clear up. We exchanged messages and the next weekend I called in to check out the situation on my way back from a wedding in Cornwall.

The timing was perfect: there are only a handful of us who work the dogs all-year round and this was the ideal opportunity to catch up with those we hadn’t seen for a couple of months and meet a few new faces. Throughout the week we were chatting about the day and soon the group had grown to quite a size. We arrived at 8am in a dusty yard and met the gamekeeper.



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