The Countryman's Weekly


September 27
07:10 2022

Grief is the price we pay for love

By Penny Taylor.

WHEN someone as revered, iconic and constant as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passes from this world, many of us are reminded of our own mortality, and of those close to us who have already died.

Yet, in the midst of the grief for what we have lost, we are also reminded of what we have: life. That death follows life is an irrefutable truth and the one constant in all of life. Those who keep dogs, whether working or companion, learn sooner than those who don’t keep animals that all life is finite.

Our dogs, so intrinsic to us, leave gaping holes in the fabric of our existence, and they do so with such searing pain that some swear to never give their heart to a dog again. But most of us do, and while we cannot help but feel sorrow and sometimes anger when a much-loved animal dies too soon, such emotions become gentler with time.


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