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July 18
08:08 2018

There’s no shame in being a ‘weekend hunter’ if your work is of good quality

By Jim Greenwood.

A NUMBER of years ago at a show just after the straight racing a rather large red-faced bulky gentleman was shouting at a couple standing quietly watching events: “What the hell do you know! You are nothing but a weekend hunter!” This sparked my interest and I watched the events unfold.

The couple just stood smiling while the large gent ranted on about how he worked his dogs 24/7 and knew his stuff and had no time for amateurs such as them. My amusement rose to the level of a smile and a shake of the head as it became obvious why the large gent would go away then return and shout as he passed the couple.

I noted the reason was not that he had to go away and think of his next insult but rather, 10 minutes after the racing, he was still trying to get his dog back. The dog was doing a great job of running around the field and coming back until the gent tried to get a hold of him before skipping out of range.

This soon developed into a bit of a spectator sport with folks cheering when the dog ran off. The crowd were having a great laugh and there were shouts of, “you show them how a professional does it mate.”




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