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Working Dogs

Working Dogs
April 13
07:08 2021

Don’t kill them with kindness

By Matt Limb.

WITH the nights getting lighter and the clocks changed most of us are looking forward, now with hope and confidence, to spring and summer when we can get out again. The last shooting season, described to me recently as the season that never was, feels like a long time ago and a near distant memory.

Like so many, the thing I missed most was the company of like-minded people and, of course, getting out with the dogs and watching them working, which I did manage despite the restrictions and lockdowns; but my days with them was certainly fewer compared to previous seasons.

The lack of shooting and its after-effects may not be known for some time; will shoots survive economically through this spring and summer to have an opening day in the coming autumn and a full season’s shooting? In some areas, the effects of last season can now be seen and felt, and one I had not thought of much was the after-effects on my dogs.

As many of you know I have been a Springer Spaniel fan all my life. As a breed the Springer is never backward at coming forward when it comes to eating their food and of all the Springers I have had over the years I can only remember one that was anything like a fussy eater; she did not like carrots, in fact, she disliked anything red on her food dish.


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