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December 19
08:08 2018

A worldwide network from Sparsholt College

By Isla Curtis.

Game and wildlife management at Sparsholt has an enviable reputation in the industry for the training and development of outstanding students who successfully progress into a career in the industry. It’s a reputation which is built on outstanding facilities, knowledgeable expert lecturers, invaluable industry support and a community of ex-Sparsholt students all around the world which create a widespread network of contacts.

There are ex-Sparsholt students working on every continent except Antarctica creating an extensive network for future students to learn from and connect with. The department has evolved hugely since 1973 when there was only a single-year course available, now game and wildlife management courses range from full-time, part-time and apprenticeships, making it more accessible for a range of people.

The main intake of students are 16 to 18-year-olds but there are also mature students who apply for the course because of the excellent opportunity it provides for those wanting to change or adapt their career to reflect their passion for game and wildlife.

Three years ago, mature student Doug Wheeler resigned as an electrical engineer to begin his journey at Sparsholt to pursue his dream of working in the gamekeeping and wildlife industry. He said: “The added support and guidance from Sparsholt staff made it achievable. I would like to thank my tutors over the two years at Sparsholt, without their encouragement I may have struggled with going back to education after so many years.”




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