The Countryman's Weekly


November 30
07:04 2021

As bold as brass – reloading step by step

by Tom Cackett.

THE price of ammunition seems to keep rising at the moment without any sign of it plateauing. I’m told it’s partly because of a shortage of raw materials, but mainly because of a surge in demand in America for bullets. Our friends across the pond panicked when COVID struck and naturally rushed out to buy guns and ammunition. Quite a contrast when us Brits were rushing around panic buying loo roll.

Anyway, reloading has always been a good way to not only produce cheaper ammunition, but also ammunition tailored to your firearm and intended purpose. This usually results in more accurate ammunition which is another good incentive to reload.

So, whatever your motivation you’re probably wondering where to start. This series of articles will hopefully guide you through the process. In this first article we’re going to talk about brass preparation.

First things first you’re going to need some brass to reload. You can either buy new brass from your local reloading supplier or use second-hand brass. Even brand-new brass will need some TLC before you use it for the first time, so continue to pay attention!


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