The Countryman's Weekly


October 16
08:04 2019

Rat packs place their trust in stock-broken dogs

by Scott Allan.

STANDING in a cloud of straw dust and two-stroke, surrounded by bullocks and terriers, it became very apparent just how important stock-broken terriers are to the serious ratter.

My day had started at 4.30am and the three-hour journey to Herefordshire is one to which I’m well accustomed to now. Rain, wind and lightning made the journey all the more interesting and also concerning. I’m awake two hours before everyone else and I could be 100 miles from home before I get the message telling me the day is cancelled.

Fortunately for me, though, the further south I made it the brighter it became. I arrived to greet two of the lads in the local pub car park and before long we were speaking all things terriers and social media while waiting for our host, always late.

The growth of fieldsports communities on social media has allowed people to become friends with other like-minded individuals from anywhere else in the country and even the world – that’s how each of us knew one another, conversation on the internet, the sharing of images and videos leading to invites and ultimately friendships.



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